Pure Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99% Purity
We are suppliers of pure silver mercury . We Buy silver Liquid mercury. We’re a premium wholesaler & retailer of pure silver mercury online. We are the best silver mercury supplier. Our silver mercury is highly demanded by industries and individuals worldwide. It is high grade & perfectly composed pure silver liquid mercury. We guarantee you to give the best pure quality of this silver treasure and once you see our product, we are sure you will agree with us. We are the no1 supplier of silver mercury in Europe. Buy silver mercury from the best.

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Pure Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99% Purity  (also known as quicksilver) is the only metal which is liquid at room temperature. It is well known for its use in thermometers, but it is also widely used in scientific research, for dental restoration and in lighting. Buy Silver Liquid Mercury.

Mercury forms alloys with different metals easily – these alloys (called amalgams) can be used for creating dental fillings, to capture fine gold and are in use to create long-life batteries.


Pure Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99% Purity%

Purity: 99.99%

Ignited residue volume: 0.001%

Impurity: Fe=0.00004%, Other heavy metals (Pb): 0.00004%

Quality is based on national standard GB-913-85

We sell by the flask and also in kilograms. Purchases are best in wholesale orders but specialise in decanting, selling by the litres or kg. The security is high at the diamond centre and we operate in a legal above board manner all prices are vat inclusive and you will receive VAT invoices for your purchases.

Our supply of red and silver liquid mercury are in bulk and wholesale quantities and also ensure safe and prompt delivery of goods to your destination.


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