BUY Hydroxylamine hydrochloride 99%


Hydroxylamine hydrochloride 99%


BUY Hydroxylamine hydrochloride  99% , ACS, 99+%, 100g For Research & Development Not for drug, human, animal, or food use Specifications: Appearance White crystals Clarity & Color Alcohol solution: To pass test Melting Point 151 °C (Approx.) Heavy Metals <5 ppm (as Pb) Sulfur Compounds <0.005% (as SO4) Cation Ammonium (NH4): To pass test Iron (Fe): <5 ppm Titrable Acid <0.25 meq/g Assay by titration 99+% Grade ACS Reagent Residue after ignition <0.05% CAS: 5470-11-1 FORMULA: NH2OH · HCl

BUY Hydroxylamine hydrochloride, 99%, this product is mainly used as a reducing agent and imaging agent, organic synthesis for the preparation of the use of the drug, also used as a synthetic anticancer drug , the medicine and pesticide raw materials. In the analysis of the electric power, the use of the polar reagent in the synthetic rubber industry is used as a non staining short-term suspension. Pharmaceutical industry as a new intermediate. The synthetic dye industry used as intermediates in the preparation of isatin. Oil industry for fatty acids and antioxidant, soap. Analysis on chemical analysis of formaldehyde as reducing agent, furfural, camphor and glucose. Electrode in electrochemical analysis. Also used in the determination of magnesium content in iron and steel, acid, fatty acids, trace analysis, aldehyde and ketone test and analysis used as a polar agent, etc.. In addition, also used for color film processing etc..


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